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Intellectual property

All materials on the site; logo, texts, graphics, videos, documents, HTML/CSS/Javascript etc. All rights, including copyrights, of codes and all other resources, unless expressly stated otherwise, belong to the Company and cannot be used without the prior written permission of the Company. All information, documents, tables, reports, images, designs, programs and links made on the site are provided to inform users. Any application regarding copyright is made directly to the Company in writing.

Privacy Statement

Privacy Policy; It explains how the information given to the Company will be received, stored, used and protected. Only authorized personnel in the Company and its units are allowed to access the private information you provide through the site. The company takes security measures and periodically reviews, publishes updates and changes by using the necessary methods and technologies to protect all information obtained from its visitors against unauthorized access and use. All these notifications are explained in our KVKK policy.


The company reserves the right to update, change and reorganize the information provided on the site, including the Terms of Use, without prior notice. Changes take effect as soon as they are published on the site. By using or accessing the site, the user is deemed to have accepted these changes. The Company pays attention to the uninterrupted accessibility of the information that it is obliged to publish within the framework of the current legislation during all these changes. The company works to ensure that the contents of the site are up-to-date and complete, but cannot guarantee this. Any unauthorized change, falsification or attempting to prevent the operation of any information on the site are considered within the scope of the law.


The Company has no responsibility for any external website linked from the Site, including the content and operation of the said website. The company does not control the content and operation of these links and the site that comes with the link. The use of links does not constitute an endorsement or recommendation of the information, products and services contained on the external site. If links are used; By leaving the company site, it is exited. Therefore, the Company accepts no responsibility for any information, software, product or service found on the linked external websites or their contents, or for the consequences that may arise from the use of these sites.


While the company is developing the site; It aims to follow and implement best practice guides and other relevant standards, including the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, in order to ensure usability and accessibility. In order to ensure that the functionality of the site can reach as many users as possible, regulations and tests have been carried out extensively according to a wide variety of browsers. If you have suggestions for improving the usability or accessibility regarding the use of the site, please inform the company contact address. In the development of the site; User feedback is analyzed and evaluated.

Browser Support

There are many features embedded in internet browsers that allow personal preferences such as color settings and text size. These features are usually available in browsers under the ‘help’ menu and under ‘accessibility’. Some of the arrangements made to improve the accessibility of the site are given below.

  1. ‘Alternative text-Alt tag’ is used to describe text and visual materials and links from them. It is a useful method for providing access for text-based browsers and/or visually impaired users.
  2. By using the TAB key on the keyboard, the pages published online can be navigated.
  3. The Quick Menu application allows users to access content directly without using a menu structure.
  4. Adobe Acrobat Reader links are provided so that PDF files can be used. User must install this software.

Authorized court
The Turkish Legal Notice text is the basis for any disputes arising from the use of the Site and/or the Terms of Use and provisions contained in the legal warning and/or that may arise with this Site, and the Republic of Turkey Izmir Courts are authorized.

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